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Refund Policy

1. We give back cash through a reimbursement policy scheduled for 15 days from when files are dispatched.
2. Where the client wishes to raise a quality flaw after the 15 days time limit, consequently, a 30% double checking and 50% re-evaluation fee is billed. (This 30% and 50% is arrived at by assessing file length or transcript word count)
3. Reimbursement policy solely covers files in sets A/Superior and B/Good recordings or document quality.
4. We back a supplementary double checking where a client alludes to a quality fault to determine the need for reimbursing.
5. The demand can only be certified if the output of the extra double checking ranks below the quality mark. Equally forward the reviewed copy with the demand appeal.
6. Reimbursement policy does not cover Intricate audio feed or handwritten text and Rush/Super Rush orders.
7. We do not provide professional undertaking to attain 98% for Intricate files or Rush/Super Rush orders. Additionally, rehearsals are not provided.

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